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As an artist I am interested in the hidden; the secrets we all keep. I am fascinated by events and relationships that hold power over an individual. We all find ways to manage our secrets, and while some can be healthy, most are not. I am interested in psychoanalytical theory and how individuals consciously repress and subconsciously suppress certain memories or experiences that are too painful to come to terms with. In order to explore how individuals deal with harmful, unspoken memories, my work focuses on my own methods of coping with painful events. 

Personal experience is central to my work. I am not particularly interested in telling a story or providing a narrative. The objects hidden in my work are representative of intensely personal events and while some viewers may connect their own experiences to these objects, some may not. In many ways, the hidden items are inconsequential. I find a personal catharsis by recognizing and sharing these events and relationships. Each piece is an experience for the viewer to participate in. Movement is necessary in order to see and discover what lies beneath each layer. For the viewer, what starts as an active search for discovery, becomes an introspective self-examination. 

I largely focus on the act of hiding and barriers that are built. I’m intrigued by how effective and ineffective these walls can be in their concealment. While working with ceramic slip to create geometric forms there’s a juxtaposing marriage of fluidity with rigid structure, and clear effort of compartmentalization with an illusion of spontaneity. My own coping mechanisms have presented themselves in the form of addiction, anxiety, depression, obsession, and compulsion. Using this personal experience and a need for communication beyond words as a foundation, creating each geometric form is done with thought towards these devices.

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